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Antonio Mazzei | Reveries (2018)


1. Dear Winter (Mazzei)

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

3. Improvisation I (Mazzei)

4. Dot Dance (Mazzei)

5. Improvisation II (Reverie XXVII) [Mazzei]

6. Halves (Dedicated to Fred Hersch) [Mazzei]

7. S. (Reverie I) [Mazzei]


Antonio Mazzei, piano.


Produced by Antonio Mazzei.

Recorded live February 25, 2017 at Villa Planchart, El Cerrito, Caracas.

Engineer: Vladimir Quintero

Cover Art: Sheyla Tohme. Selected work from "Temporal" collection.

Design: Diego Sierralta-Leon 


Mixed and mastered by Fernando Aponte.

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