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Chroma is a concept that celebrates and explores the relationship between music and other disciplines. Presented in New York and Caracas during 2016 on its first edition Music + Photography.

The music is inspired by 9 different photographs from 9 highly acclaimed international photographers, including Fryd Frydendahl, Fran Beaufrand and Caterina Di Perri, and curated by the renowned artist Vasco Szinetar from Venezuela. Each photograph is projected on the back of the stage, while an ensemble plays music that is specifically created for that photo. In concept, each artist is presenting their own highly personal representation of a color through their photography.

The musical works for Chroma are avant-garde in orientation, and are composed by award-winning pianist/composer, Antonio Mazzei, and performed live by an ensemble of remarkable improvisers.


Musicians in New York:

Antonio Mazzei - piano
Danny Gouker – trumpet
Lukas Gabric – tenor saxophone
Mimi Jones – bass 
Diego Maldonado – drums


Musicians in Caracas:

Antonio Mazzei - piano

Mariana Serrano - voice

Ezequiel Serrano - soprano sax

Juan Angel Esquivel - guitar

Freddy Adrián - bass

José Núñez - drums

Carlos "Nené" Quintero - percussion


Works by: 

Fryd Frydendahl
Caterina Di Perri
Vasco Szinetar
Fran Beaufrand
Sara Maneiro
Ricardo Jiménez
Diego Sierralta
Oscar "bambú" Castillo
Rafael Greco



©CHROMA 2016

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